Statutory Audit

A statutory Audit is required by the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990. It entails the independent examination of the organization’s books with a view to forming an opinion as to whether the accounts show a true and fair view of the events of the period and the status as at the reporting date.

This function allows all stakeholders to satisfy themselves that the reports generated from the accounting system can be relied upon. This enhances the credibility and acceptance of the financial statements.

We realize the importance of audit to our clients. Aside from providing a means of measuring its performance and enabling it to plan for the future by comparing the past with the present, audited financial statements are required in securing government patronage, tax clearance certificate, loan facilities, etc. That is why we attach importance to prompt delivery of our services without compromising the high quality we are known for.

As part of the engagement and in order to assist our clients improve on their performance we will on an annual basis review the Internal Control and Accounting Systems and report thereon.

We shall then provide constructive and feasible recommendations at the end of every audit through our management letters.

We also hold discussions and meetings with our clients to understand their needs the more and offer professional advice that  will enhance their management control and profitability. Our pursuit is to add value to our clients.

The end products shall be;

  • An Audit Report to members and stakeholders
  • A management letter detailing the lapses in the Internal Control and Accounting Systems, the Management responses and the Auditor’s recommendations.