Training & Capacity Building

Economic, social and demographic developments, such as a growing shortage of skilled labour in the wake of a continuing weakening of our educational system, are increasing the role of the organisation as educator.

Discerning organisations are spending millions of Naira a year on formal and informal employee and management training and are making training a continuous process to stay competitive.

Our Training and Capacity Building Services offer professional and comprehensive services designed to provide the complete range of training relevant to your needs.

Our Services Include:

  • Design and development of tailored training programmes to meet the specific needs of clients in a cost effective way
  • Graduate Level Training specifically designed to meet the needs of Financial Institutions
  • A range of open courses on topical issues designed to meet general business needs

Our objective is to assist in building capacity at your organisation by providing world class experiential learning to your staff.

Our training programmes are designed to equip your staff for operating in today’s highly competitive environment. We have 2 Р3 day programmes specifically designed for your organisational needs..

Our methodology shall entail the use of presentations, visuals/videos, class exercises and syndicates to ensure true experiential learning.

Feedback will also be sought in order to improve on the programmes and serve you better.

The below programmes are the ones we believe are of general need, however if there is any module, package, product or service that you may wish to undertake but not included in this proposal, we will be willing to design such tailor made for your organization.